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  1. Kim Quinn
    February 13, 2023 @ 6:31 pm

    I have always wondered HOW the stitches were incorporated! I have read about ‘carrying’ and just do not want multiple skeins rolling around my table…I wish I found you 2 weeks ago!🙄 I looked up the French surname Bonneau, which is my daughters married last name. Wanted to make something to tie the French, Irish, Scottish genes together. He wanted a blanket. I found a crest for that surname that is royal blue, golden yellow(no orange undertone), white and black. Came up with this background….oh, can’t post a photo…anyway, I just finished making chains 185 sts long. 72 black, 30 blue, 12 each white and gold. Then I find your running slipstitch!!!!!!! Better late than never, right? Thank you sooo much for this wonderful info. I am 63 with short term memory loss and you explained something I can remember. So grateful. 🥰